How to Make You Perfect for Indian Army Selection – Guide – 10th SSC Results 2018

If you are reading this article , then we are assuming that you already know the basic qualification for the Indian Army selection process. The basic subjects asked in the Indian Army exams are mathematics, GK and English.

After you have cleared the written test, then you will be called for the Interview. There are some basic qualities which an Indian Army officer must possess.

The important qualities are listed below.

For Indian Army Bharti 2021 you are require to have 15 officer like qualities

  • Effective intelligence: – An officer must be Intelligent enough to solve problems in the most non-favorable conditions.
  • Reasoning ability :- An Officer must be able to justify their decisions so as to gain the trust of all the soldiers whom he is leading.
  • Power of expression :- He must be able to express his mission with clear explanation.
  • Determination :- An officer must have high level of determination.
  • Sense of responsibility : – An Army Officer must be very responsible to his duties.
  • Co-operation :- He must be able to work in join efforts.
  • Stamina :- He is must physically fit and active.
  • Self confidence :- He must be self confident in terms of his capabilities.
  • Group Influencing Ability :- He must be convincible to his fellow members.
  • Liveliness :- He must be a very living a very influencing life who motivates other people around him.
  • Organising ability :- He should be able to organise his unit to produce a better result for the missions
  • Social adaptability:- He should be able to adapt with the social environment around him, which lets him to get better collaboration.
  • Speed of decision :- He must be quick in taking decision.

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